The Holiday Special

Marcy and I have traveled with my family to Whistler for the past several years. This year, the snow was looking a bit iffy when we arrived, a recent wind storm and crazy inversion left much of the alpine in disarray, but jack frost's -19C temps kept the mid elevation pow intact. A few trips to Cowboy ridge in the Whistler side country, and a day exploring Cloudburst via sled kept the stoke alive. But the real treat came when Santa brought a snowstorm for the days following Christmas. Whistler received over 50cm of snow in three days followed by three bluebird days - and primarily stable conditions. I must have cashed in on a major luck token as the post storm bluebird days lined up wit

Sorry we couldn't make it to your NYE party, we had a prior engagement!

Scott and I were having a lovely time spending the holidays in Whistler with his family when out of the blue he decided we should pack up our bags two days early. When asked by his dad where he was going - he said “we are going back country skiing and may or may not be back tomorrow night” and gave me multiple non-plausible scenarios to why we may not come back. The next day we set out for a short tour of Gin Peak with our car packed for apocalyptic survival capabilities. As we approached the turnoff to Gin Peak, Scott informed me of the sweepstake I won (which I can't recall entering) for a 2 night stay at Journeyman Lodge, in the Callaghan Valley, a dream trip of mine since learning about

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