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Sorry we couldn't make it to your NYE party, we had a prior engagement!

Scott and I were having a lovely time spending the holidays in Whistler with his family when out of the blue he decided we should pack up our bags two days early. When asked by his dad where he was going - he said “we are going back country skiing and may or may not be back tomorrow night” and gave me multiple non-plausible scenarios to why we may not come back.

The next day we set out for a short tour of Gin Peak with our car packed for apocalyptic survival capabilities. As we approached the turnoff to Gin Peak, Scott informed me of the sweepstake I won (which I can't recall entering) for a 2 night stay at Journeyman Lodge, in the Callaghan Valley, a dream trip of mine since learning about it a year ago. We had made one trip to the area previously and were in awe of the beauty. That trip ended prematurely with a faulty stove, forcing us to leave our newly architected snow caves in haste.

Journeyman Lodge is a remote backcountry lodge located over 10 miles from the closest road. The only access is by foot or snowcat, lucky for me Scott sensibly chose the later for us - subsidizing the daily grooming on the 1.5 hour ride.

We lucked out with 50 cm of new snow in the 48 hours prior to our arrival and blue bird skies in the forecast. Expecting to be wallowing in the TDPP (Scott’s addition), we were happy to learn that a perfect skin track was already in place and we spent the first day exploring terrain just across from the lodge. For those of your familiar with backcountry lodges, Scott claims this lodge's terrain is the Fairy Meadows on steroids - The Willy Wonka Chocolate factory of Skiing.

On the second day, we headed up Journeyman mountain, again on a beautiful uptrack that was already in place. The morning light cresting the peaks, providing the mountains with a gentle glow.

We stopped on a saddle excited to ski the endless pillow factory below. Scott set up his camera to take a picture of us, looking lovingly into each other gaze. As he waded over to me in thigh deep powder, he attempted to get down on one knee, which is tricky when one is buried up to their thighs in snow.

I was so happy when he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes. We celebrated with 7000' of endless champagne powder skiing including an amazing full moon lap. The Callaghan Valley, a remote wilderness area surrounded by amazing peaks and endless adventure, is a special place that encapsulates the adventurous spirit that we love about each other.

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