You can Banks on it

Banks Lake has been on my list of places to visit ever since I saw the photo of someone leading a splitter crack out of a canoe. In the past the timing and logistics made it such that the trip just never happened, but with my newly found nomadic life, there wasn't going to be a better opportunity - despite the 7 hour drive from the Sunshine Coast. So after a long day of trail riding in Roberts Creek we headed south. We only made it to Pyramid lake TH on HWY 20 before calling it a night. My mom had ingeniously equipped the Jeep with magnetic mesh window covers to protect from Mosquito. Sleeping in the back of the Jeep was a lap of luxury compared to the trunk of ol' Sven. The next day we

O Canada!

Marcy and I spent all of 1 night and just over 24 hours at home before joining the annual July 4th pilgrimage of the American PNW climber to Squamish to praise the mighty Chief of the north. That is just enough time to swap the skis for bikes, bathe, do laundry and convince your parents that their Jeep wanted to explore the great country of Canada while Sven took some time in rehab after his injury. Shralph and El Springador were pretty excited to be joining on this trip as we loaded them atop the car. Wanting to break up the drive and explore some new MTB trails we decided on a short ride at Mt. Fromme-Fromme which is the birthplace of the "North Shore" style of riding, which interweaves

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