"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

With our first summer road trip in the books it was everything exactly as I expected - unexpected. The first day had us driving through Central Oregon where we made the last minute decision to trail run at Crater lake - It didn't dawn on us until the park entrance that the trails were likely covered in snow and those skis we brought might actually come in handy. So we geared up, took some photos for some tourists and started skinning up the hill. It wasn't more than a 500' slope, but the views of the lake were amazing and skiing with that scenery was certainly a bucket list item I'd had on my mind since I first visited in 2011. After a few laps, we tested out the free camping website and fo

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Today marks my first day as an un-employee. The weekend was a good dose of family time as my parents returned from their 9 week long trip to Europe and my little sister was in town doing her first Marathon, which she totally rocked. Tomorrow starts the real summer adventures as Marcy and I start making our way toward Yosemite as our first major destination. We have general plans for the summer, but little idea of what is really in-store. We had originally discussed skiing Rainier on the way down south, but given some recent colds and the changing weather we decided against that. This left me in my manic depressive state of trying to find a back-up plan and getting really amped, before l

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