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Oh, The Places You'll Go

Today marks my first day as an un-employee. The weekend was a good dose of family time as my parents returned from their 9 week long trip to Europe and my little sister was in town doing her first Marathon, which she totally rocked. Tomorrow starts the real summer adventures as Marcy and I start making our way toward Yosemite as our first major destination.

We have general plans for the summer, but little idea of what is really in-store. We had originally discussed skiing Rainier on the way down south, but given some recent colds and the changing weather we decided against that. This left me in my manic depressive state of trying to find a back-up plan and getting really amped, before learning that the options I'm exploring may not work because of my over exuberance around bringing my whole gear closet, or some other conditions issues - for instance the section of MTB trail on the Umpqua that looks really rad had a recent plague of high winds causing an abnormal number of toppled trees. I'm a firm believe that life is too short so I tend to over plan to make sure something is on the docket and time is fill with personally fulfilling endeavors - but this also can fill myself and my close friends with extreme frustration over the indecisiveness. I rarely regret anything after the fact.

I went back and forth around 20 times about the idea of bringing mountain bikes, but Marcy set me straight and we decided to leave them at home to save the stress of them on top of our cars the whole trip, with the thought being that a rental is much easier. Well and the last time I drove by Kalamath falls with my bike on the roof it was attacked by millions of kamikaze midges that's only goal was to layer my entire bike with a gnarly film of green bug guts that was setup to self destruct into decomposing rot upon being mixed with the burning August sun as I biked the 100 miles of the Crater Lake Century the following day. So our adventures will mostly be on foot with the potential for a ski tour or two mixed in.

So tomorrow we set sail to explore some new places, or old places in new ways and I'm anxious to get lost in the adventures.

- Scott

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