I'm on the GOAT!!

Word was getting out that mystical trails were being brought back to life by the Transcascadia Crew. Wait just 2 hrs from Seattle? if they are so good, how come I've never heard of this area? Trail-forks shows an endless web of intertwined moto trail, all comprised of intimidating elevation profiles and fool hardy mileage, so where do we start? After some research on the 2018 TC route along with input from a few friends who had ridden in the area, we had our poison for the weekend - A Goat Mountain extravaganza on Day 1 and Juniper ridge on Day 2. Saturday we woke to an epic meal of avocado toast and eggs, The first ascent to Vanson Peaks, goes behinds a waterfall and meanders up 3000' endi

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Stories by Scott Heinz ( Medical Moose Labs)

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