Sahale Snacks May be Spicy

May 22, 2019 ***1:45am*** Wake up, Wake-up - time to get moving. By 2:15am a group of 8 were fording the river for Eldorado. The typical log crossing wasn't there so the night before we realize that fording the creek was our best and least time consuming bet. An hour and 1100' in we regrouped and learned a member in the party needed non-climb related medical attention for something they had been battling (though not majorly serious). So like that - the day was over. Or so we thought, At the car, we discussed options. Being 2 cars - Three people were headed back to get medical assistance and at 4:45,"Too Soon" to go back up towards Eldorado the remaining 5 were headed further up cascade

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Stories by Scott Heinz ( Medical Moose Labs)

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