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Budding Speedsters: 4-Year-Olds Discover the Joy of Speed Flowers for the First Time

Budding Speedsters:

Meet Theo and Brixen, two adventurous four-year-olds who share a deep bond and an insatiable curiosity for the world around them. Living in Seattle, Wa, their trusty bikes became the catalysts for thrilling adventures. One Evening, they decided to become the fastest bikers in the world, racing each other down the twisty dual slalom trail called Duece's Wild. With every pedal, they wobbled and laughed, determined to get faster.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when Brixen, one sunny afternoon, spotted a vibrant patch of speed flowers hiding behind a large Douglass fir. Intrigued, they strap the so called Speed Flowers to their bikes to see what it would feel like. As the special powers of the speed flowers took hold, they continued to get faster and faster, reminding us all of the magic that awaits us when we slow down to smell the flowers.


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