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About Me

Hello,  My name is Scott and the Pacific Northwest has been  home for my adult life. I  spent much of my childhood pursuing rollerblading as a way to explore, challenge and express myself in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia. After college I moved to Seattle and have taken my sense of adventure from the streets to the mountains and swapped my rollerblades for other toys. 

Medical Moose Labs is a wildly amature digital arts website named from one of the rollerblade videos I made in the mid 1990's titled "Medical Moose is on the Loose". 


The site revolves around many of the adventures I've had in the outdoors to illustrate and share these stories. Since beta is both wildly seeked but also highly protected by small groups I have chosen to post pictures, descriptions and some GPS tracks of either widely known or objectively based adventures, but will keep anonymity to secret stashes to keep these places wild and open for others to explore them on their own terms. 


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