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Europe and the Grand Finale (Ligure)

We returned from our Canada/ Banks Lake road trip on the 10th and were off to Europe on the 12th. The flight landed us in Geneva around 1pm local time and we took the free bus to my sister and brother in law's place and found my 1.5 Y/O niece Emma and her nanny Helena awaiting our arrival. The afternoon was filled with fun adventures to the animal zoo and park watching Emma show us all her favorite animals. Though the swings ultimately proved to be a battle of will as Emma seemed to be endlessly enthralled by the back and forth motion.

My jet lag acclimation skills have proved to be quite inadequate in that past, so I forced my self awake 'til around 9pm after getting little sleep on the flights. This worked rather well and I slept through the night. My sister and her family started Holiday as well, so on Thursday we all set-off to their newly acquired condo in Chamonix, which would act as team Scarcy's base camp for the following 3 weeks. The only Jet lag side effect was the need to complete the vertical 1km challenge at 5am on Friday and after that our bodies smartened up to make sure they were not subject to anymore pre-dawn missions. The rest of the trip is an extremely vivid blurr of thrill, adventure, and pure enjoyment.

During the 4 weeks we had a chance to explore many new places through climbing, biking and hiking. We mountain biked in front of the Matterhorn, climbed immaculate granite on the Mont Blanc Massif, and ran along side the Tour de France peloton.

Some of the other highlights were getting initiated to Chamonix by missing the last tram for the night and having to hike 4000' down to the valley floor in what we have coined the Walk of Cham, arriving home just before midnight, earning our turns on the 6000' climb to the Gornergrat train station and having the sworm of hikers take photos of us as we descended past them, and exploring mediterranean sea side climbing and mountain biking at Finale Ligure, Italy.

Below are the photo montages of the various sub-trips.


Finale Ligure


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