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Description: Marcy and I spent a day in Zermatt in July 2016. Having embraced the tram accessed Mt. biking I was eager to do some peddling so I convinced Marcy we should ride up to the Gornergrat in lieu of paying the $90 train ride there.  This ends up being about a 6000' climb, the first half of which was really nice gravel road, but after a short section of single track and some more moderate gravel road the road steepens alongside the railway and we found ourselves pushing the bikes the last 1500'.  The ride down however; was amazing.  We started with a steep rocky descent and trails cutting out everywhere.   Hikers littered the hillside, but there were enough options to change course if they were in front of you.  Later there were several different trail options so we tried to chose the ones the map recommended and had the least pedestrian traffic.  The whole time the matterhorn looms over the value.  This was my favorite single descent we did in Europe. 

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