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Yodelin Ski Tour Steven's Pass


Access: Access Yodelin from the parking lot and lodge located about 3.5 miles east of the Stevens Pass Ski area and west of where the road splits. During busy days this lot is used as an overflow lot. If you enjoy navigating a solid web of branches, do this early season.  Otherwise, wait for a nice base to cover the bushes downlow. 



For pow days when the avy danger keeps us away from open slopes,  Yodelin is a classic spot to get the fix.  Its an easy skin directly up from the upper lot of the lodge to catch an old logging road.  Follow this until the angle mellows and you reach a large bench where you have different options to get to the upper ridge.  There is low angle clear cut and steep old growth.  Above the burn, both side of the slope are skiable once you break through the inital denseness of the forest.  The runs aren't terribly long, but they are fun none the less.





Skinning up the road

Finding some features to play on - typically aren't that many, given the snow depth

Jesse enjoying deep turns in the clearcut on the backside

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