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Description: Squamish along with the whole sea to sky corridor is a mecca for mountain biking.  Squamish is generally seperated into 2 main areas - Diamondhead and Alice Lakes, which can be connected with cross country trails.   Diamondhead has more vertical relief but both have excellent riding.  Below are a few classics that I really enjoy


Half Nelson - The machine built flow trail that is great for all abilities - experienced riders will enjoy the table tops and doubles and newer rider enjoy all the rolling flow.  Some berms were redone in the summer of 2016 make the end even smoother

Angry Midget - Fun techy downhill trail that is on the easier side of advanced trail riding 

Fred's - more of a meandering descent with some really fun downhill sections, but also some XC feel. 

Hoods in the woods, a fun trail that wanders further away from the masses, but does have some techy downhill root sections and a few optional drops along the way. 

Somewhere Over There - a Squamish classic that has a bit of everything squamish has to offer including some optional sections of rock rolls that are quite steep and committing. 

Psuedo Tsunga - fun flowy trail that is a great exit if parked in the lower area and riding the upper trails. 

Alice Lakes  Alice lakes is mostly a ridgeline with several trail options dropping off in different directions.  There is also some XC trails in the area for longer rides.  All the Downhill oriented trails are advanced with limited options for intermediate riders. 

Rupert:  A great trail that packs in a little of everything and optional intermediate ride arounds for the more advanced features

Entrail and Bony Elbows: Advanced raw downhill tracks with some committing rock rolls. 

Credit Line:  The exit if parking in the north lot, starts with some on and off climbing and then has a fun descent that finally opens up towards the last several hundred feet. 



Dan on Somewhere Over There

Marcy on Fred's

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