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Climbing and Skiing South Sister in Central Oregon




South Sister is a great moderate spring ski descent and best done when the snow melts out and you can access the Devil's Lake trailhead.  The classic route is down the south side as that gets direct sun, but I'm sure lots of options exist on the mountain. 

The Route and Important Details: 

Time: May - June

Trailhead: Devil's Lake

Left Cars at around 7:30

Time to High Point:~5 Hrs

Car to Car: 9 hrs with summit bocce

Distance:  10-11 ish miles

The ascent basically heads due north from the trailhead, following a creek up to flats.  Then cross the large broad flat area and ascend the path of least resistance to the summit.  The true summit is on the far side of the summit plateau. 

The descent, if timed well, can be a nice 4000-5000' corn run.  It definitely a great climb and ski for some late season volcano skiing. 






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