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Silver Star via Silver Star Creek


Description:Silver Star has become one of my favorite spring ski destinations once Highway 20 opens up.  Its a good effort and usually involves some carrying/ bushwhacking down low but it avoids the crowds of the birthday tour and the basin is just special. Typically once you get into the high meadow you go climbers right and follow a gradual slope till you traverse a long bench back left - the GPS tracks below I tried a more direct route and it worked but was less efficient as a whole. I first skied it in 2009 with Bram and we had a great day, though I broke through the creek and almost fell in as we tried to use that to help us out.  In 2016 Marcy and I spent the night getting rained on in my hole filled tent, but managed to find some great pow near the summit, the rest was really grabby and painful.  



Sking down Silver Star Glacier on a pow day in 2016

SS 035
SS 019
SS 004
SS 044
SS 001
SS 031
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