Sedona Mountain Biking​

Description:  Located just two hours from Phoenix, Sedona is a classic high desert mountain bike destination. The style of riding is fairly unique to the area with a wide range of different skill levels. The classic trails are all challenging rocky XC trail with some technical descents thrown in for good measure. Over the Edge shop has great info on all the trails and I was able to explore over 70 miles in 3 days, but the miles don't come easy.  I paid for those miles as I limped around the next week during some work travel, but it was well worth it.   For mortals like me, I find myself on and off the bike frequently in the XC and climbing sections, but greatly enjoyed the technical rock and slab descent.  While its not my standard style of big ascents and fast descents, it is a special place to ride and an excellent place to visit during the rainy season in the PNW. 

Favorite Trails:

Hi-Line- A long loop with technical low angle climbing and a steep and technical descent. Capped by amazing views mixed in. Be prepared for some full-on steep descending about halfway down. 

Hogs area:  more unique riding high up along the dessert towers, some exposure and fun riding for sure. 

Scorpion and Pyramid loops- A great loop with more challenging riding, excellent views and a short technical descent.  Possibly my favorite single loop.

Hangover: Hangover is one of the area classics, the setting is totally wild and trying to clean some of the slab climbing is an awesome challenge.  aside from that I wasn't as thrilled with the trail as a large portion of the "hangover section" doesn't flow all that nicely and was a bit to narrow for the handle bars to enjoy. It did redeem itself with a stope and challenging rock roll part way down the descent before it really eases off. 

West Sedona:  This area had more moderate XC with less technical features and is a great place to get your feet wet with the riding style. Mezcal provides the most unique riding without the technical riding of the 3 H's ( Hogs, Hangover, and Hiline)  and I would highly recommend it. 

Check out Over the Edge Bike shop for more info on top trails and a great place to rent a bike. Its centrally located and on the first day I road straight from the shop on ridge trail, over to Hiline and back.

Stories by Scott Heinz ( Medical Moose Labs)

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