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Rock Mountain


Access: Rock Mt. is on the east side of Stevens Pass after the Hwy 2 comes back together if heading east. 


Route Description:It starts on an obvious logging road that turns into a trail.  The price of entry is high since you start at around ~3000'.  Follow the trail up NNE or take a generally NNE bearing up the steep fairly open slopes. The price of entry can be high. Once you reach some more more dense trees you can either work up to gain the ridge or take a rising traverse across the steep slopes alongside the ridge.  The ridge on a few occassions has some exposed moves to traverse rock sections, or you will need to scramble over the rock section.  The ridge eventually broadens and then opens up to gradual east facing slopes that will take you to the bowl heading southeast from Rock Mt's Summit.  From the summit there is a great looking coulior heading north, some nice look slopes heading southwest, or the bowl that heads southeast.   Linkup options with Howard and Mastiff also exist for a long day. 




gaining the ridge after the trail


Riding the rocks over traversing the frozen exposed slopes


Traversing over the bowl


Skinning the upperbowl to the summit ridge


Looking down a nice north facing couloir from just east of the summit


Skiing the Southeast facing bowl

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