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Red Mountain Ski Tour, Snoqualmie Pass


Access: Red Mountain is accessed from Commonwealth basin.  To save yourself a parking ticket, park in the Summit West lot and walk under I-90 to the start.  You take the luge track up for a little over a mile.  Then you have the option to cross the creek on an often sketchy tree crossing, or continue on the right side of the creek for another 100 yards to find a more stable bridge crossing (my preference). however it is slightly less direct to go this route as you'll have to traverse around two little ridges to get back on track, but its only a 10 minute detour if done right. 


Route Description:

You continue in the drainage on mellow terrain until you cross back over a few drainages.  You'll eventually hit a  gradual ridge that takes you most of the way up the first slope  to an upper basin.  A 40-45 degree slope takes you to the summit.  This slope is 40-45 degrees and serious avalanche terrain.  Also, be very careful of staying clear of the summit cornice, there is at least one notable accident of it collapsing on a well known local skier. The ski down follows closely to the uptrack and is an amazing ski down the first face. you should be able to mostly follow your up track and make it back with minimal faffing - but there are a few creeks in the area and the terrain is quite complex.  


Map and Timing data:

To be updated once the snow returns:



Late May view from parking lot

Late May '07 view from parking lot

Duncan coming up the trail

Late May '07 hike into the basin


May 07 view of the summit block

Back Camera

January 2012 approach up final slope

Back Camera

Closing in on the summit

Back Camera

Nice summit slope in the background

Skiing down the lower slopes

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