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Description: Finally had a chance to explore Penticton April 2016 after some weather chased Marcy and me out of Squamish and Whistler.  It was a brief trip, but we doubled up on our days to get the most of the MTB and climbing scenes. 

Our Mountain Biking approach was to check out past Enduro races and follow GPS tracks. In Penticton we explored the Three Blind Mice Trails,  The climb involved some single track and some roads,  the singletrack was challenging XC/ climbing.  Our descent involved Rainbow, Bronco, and Drops alot. The style of riding is open and rocky climbing but provided some great downhill fun, drops a lot had many drops, jumps and rock rolls that could be hit or skipped making the trail really fun. 

In Kelowna we went to Mira-Bellevue,  After a long road climb, we descended Vapour which had lots of really fun optional features, though it had some fallen trees and needed trailwork, the lower trail Big drops was also fun, though the name is misleading and it only had a few optional steep rock rolls. I found Rocky screech to be more technical with some committing sections of steep rocky riding. 

We also snuck in a lap on Test of Humanity in Summerland,  this was a rolling smooth course with lots of cornering and berms, it was a bit loose and the turns were tight, so I never felt like I could every really get my rythem on. 



Fred's Trail in Penticton

Some fun rock rolls on Rainbow trail

Rainbow DH

Test of Humanity in Summerland

Views from TOH

Riding in Mira Bellevu

Riding Bark from the Fallen Tree

Showing how its done

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