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Mt Thompson​

Description:  I did Mt Thompson as one of my intermediate leads in 2008.  We camped at ridge lake after following the PCT pass Kendall Katwalk- for me that section of the PCT is my arch nemesis,  2500' of gain in 6 miles.  We camped at Ridge Lake.  I recall the approach being more interesting than planned with some steep exposed snow crossings and some odd scrambling/ rappeling to get to the Basin after bumble bee, although we may have missed bumble bee.  The climb was another fun mid 5th class. It does have some blocky near vertical sections and the initial step across has an exciting feel to it.  Great fun, though after the climb and descent I nearly lost my will to live on the 6 mile re-proach of the PCT.   Certainly taught me a lesson in bringing approach shoes and not just mountaineering boots. 



Battle Axe ( Eileen) Setting the Pace

Stan traversing some icy snow at our 4 am camp departure

Early Dawn Hours

Approaching the start of the climb

Peter doing the first move that is extremely airy

Peter on the P1 step acround

Dave on the traverse

Peter on the final pitch to the summit


Eileen, Stan, Eric, Dave and Myself still atop the summit

Thomson towering over dave

first half of the route

second half of the route

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