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Snoqualmie Mountain


Access: To Backcountry ski Snoqualmie Mountain you typically access it from the Alpental Lot but can also be approached from Commonwealth Basin.  For the Alpental approach, park at the second small lot that is located by the shed and pit toilet.


Route Description: Many potential ski lines exist on Snoqualmie Mountain so its up to your own exploration, but the most common are the Slot Couloir, the Crooked Couloir, or the Phantom.  The approach to the summit from Alpental has you heading up and skinning below the waterfalls,  once past the waterfalls follow the path of least resistance up through the trees until it opens on the Phantom.  The upper phantom has significant avalanche danger.  But the trees are a common location for some powder skiing. Pick the safest route up the phantom as the path narrows upwards.  You can follow this to the summit.  A few hundred feet shy of the summit will be the entrance to the Slot.  If you go to the summit the Crooked Couloir entrance is due north of the summit.  The crooked constricts down low and that can be hard to navigate, but exits at the base of the slot. The base of the slot has a few exits.  The most common is to head left after skiing the Slot and follow the obvious slope with a saddle and skin/ boot out that way.  This will take you  to the edge of the phantom where you will traverse the slope back towards your skin tracks.



Crooke Couloir Entrance
Crooked Couloir upper basin
Constriction on Crooked Couloir
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