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Mt. Margaret


Access: Mt. Margaret is located on the northside of I-90 at the Hyak exit. Once crossing under I-90, follow the Lake Mardee Rd ( NF-4832 ) to where the plowing ends. This is a groomed trails area so assure you have the proper parking permits. 


Route Description: Start by heading down the groomed trail.  On this road you will have 3 options.  

1) After a few hunderd yards you can head left on an old logging road and then eventual wind your way up some moderately dense forest up to another logging road that will take you across Rocky Run creek,   Then from here you can navigate up the slopes to the summit.  


2)  *Preferred Route: follow the logging road until you pass the only bridge that takes you over the Rocky Run Creek.  A few yards after the bridge start heading north up some open forest.  it will eventually take you up some denser new growth and across a few more logging roads. You will head mostly east while you climb as as you get towards the top you will start to head more North East on a long traverse in old growth until you reach the summit.  This old growth is what you've come all this way for. 


3)  Continue to follow the groomed trail all the way to the end at some clear cut. after a long flat it will start to climb for a while. At the top of the road you will see some clearcut that looks fun.  Its good for a while but gets dense down low.  Its recommended that you traverse the ridge North for a long while.until you each the summit or some open shots and glades just before the summit.  Lots of machiners use the area up here. 


All ways have some dense navigating, but it is a great location to explore during higher avalanche days.  There may be some good lines North and East off the summit but I've never explored it and would make for a long day.  



Map and Timing data:

To be updated once the snow returns:



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