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Lichtenberg Mountain


Access: Lichtenberg just off Hwy 2.  To access you will need to park at the Smiithbrook Pullout which is heading Westbound on Hwy 2 during the split.  Then, if the avy danger is low enough you can approach from the SW side of the mountain or follow the logging road for about 3 miles.  It will have already made 2 switchbacks, but a few hundred feet prior to the third switchback you will navigate your way to the summit Requires some navigation skills as the slope can be difficult to find a good way



Lichtenberg is an enjoyable summit with several different routes.  The Smithbrook road approach is more conservative with avy danger, but the Southside has a nice descent if the snow is stable.  There are also ways to link this with Skyline or Union for a long day.

Heading up Smithbrook road

Leaving the road

Crossing Lichtenberg Lake

Adam Hitch skiing north off the summit

on Northside

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