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Liberty Bell - Becky Route

Description:  The Becky Route is a Wa Pass classic as it follows easier terrain to reach an amazing summit.  There is much out there about this route, so I won't get into much detail but here is a high level overview.  Pitch 1 follows moderate terrain to a large belay ledge with a tree below and obvious chimney feature.  Pitch 2 is the chimney feature that can be a bit of a wrestling match, it is possible to stay out away from the chimney at the start which is less of a wrestle but also less secure.  Pitch 3 has some nice low angle terrain great rock and the finger traverse move halfway up. The last bit is a few hundred feet of scramble with the un-exposed 5.7 slab feature move.  I first climbed this as a Mountaineers climb on 8.10.08.  On that trip I recall we got to the base behind a couple that had just told us they slept in some cave despite precipitation the night before.  The guy seemed experienced ( though aloof) and the lady not so much.  She was a bit confused belaying, though did reach the summit, with limited to no experience. He rapped first and left her fumbling with her belay device asking how to setup a rap.  She made it sound like it had been several years and she was clearly not fresh with here skills.  I radio'd down to give her a fireman's belay and all was good.  But good reminder that its important to communicate with you partner and always work to stay fresh on those skills.



Dave coming up the top of pitch 2

Dave leading pitch 3

The whole gang on the summit

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