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Joshua Tree


Description: Joshua tree has been a training ground for many of the hard men of climbing since the 1950s.  I learned trad in the summer of 2008 and came later that winter. I was quickly indocrinated to the challenging style of trad they have here and it has become my favorite winter climbing destination.  I know it for its old school style of crack climbing, though it also has world class sport climbing mixed in as well.  If I can comfortable climb a grade at Joshua Tree than I feel pretty good about tackling that grade at just about all other climbing areas. 


My Recommended Routes:



Overhang Bypass

Toe Jam

White Lightening




Dappled Mare

Fun Stuff

Eff Eight - If you like the sadistic full on crack battle

The Gem

Double Cross

Sail Away 



Count on Your Fingers

Invisibility Lessons


Touch and Go

North Overhang



Gabe Aeschlamin on an unknown sport route at Split Rocks

JTree (148 of 468)

Gabe Aeschlamin on Pincher 5.9+

JTree (215 of 287)

Jesse Bommarito on White Lightening 5.7+

Sunny Doucette on P1 of Overhang Bypass 5.7

P2 of Overhang Bypass : Photo by Mike Chamberlain

Jesse Bommarito on Sail Away 5.8

Fun Stuff 5.8 Photo: Jesse Bommarito

Sunny Doucette Leading P2 of Dappled Mare

Clare Brown on P2 of Dappled Mare

Jesse Bommarito in a Battle with Eff Eight 5.8

Jesse Bommarito on Double Cross 5.8

Gabe Aeschlamin on the Gem 5.8

Gabe Aeschlamin on Invisibility Lessons 5.9

Gabe Aeschlamin on Touch and Go 5.9

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