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Skiing the Haute Route

Description: The Haute Route has become a classic ski traverse in the alps that goes from Chamonix to Zermatt. Its been made popular by US and other guiding companies.  Typically done in around 5 days it links some of the most amazing huts and glaciers on the multi-day traverse.  

Our route went through the following huts and we did take some buses, trains and trams enroute.:

Day 1 Col De Montet to Trient Hut

Day 2: Trient hut to Monte Forte in Verbier ( this hut overlooks Les Bec Des Rosses which is the final venue of the freeride world tour)

Day 3: Monte Forte to Prafleuri Hut.  

Day 4 Plafleuri to Vignettes hut - this day we attempted to go over Pigne D'Arolla but were turned around by a white out and had to traverse back around and through the Arolla ski resort.  We later learned that during the whiteout on the previous day 2 skiers went missing, which was a sobering reminder of how harsh this terrain can be. 

Day 5, Vignette to Zermatt. 

The skiing stayed mostly frozen and we did tag a few extra peaks, but the route is mostly a traverse so you don't get that much fall line skiing.  The setting is spectacular and I do recommend it. 



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