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Granite Mt


Access:  Granite Mountain is accessed from exit 47 on I-90 at the Granite and Pratt lake trailhead. 


Route Description:


Granite Mountain has access to some excellent steep south facing skiing that is very accesible during corn cycles. Despite its elevation, the slopes are quite alpine. It is also the site of many avalanche casualties since the route both ascends and descens a major avalanche gully so it is only adviced to ski this once the snowpack is settled and early enough in the day before the sun hits it too hard.  Following more of the ridgeline up and down can help to avoid the main avalanche path.   To ascend, follow the trail to Granite until you can head up the obvious avalanche path. From here boot or skin the edge of the path until you can ascend the ridgeline.  Follow this until the ridge ends nd then boot directly up to the fire lookout.  The most common ski is to head down the ridgeline/ avy chute, but other nice looking slopes and bowls exist on granite and west Granite.  Word is that some hobbits live in the summit, so beware not to disturb


Another nice tour in high snow years and as a more wintery tour is the west side of West Granite.  There are excellent glades that can yoyo'd. To get here you follow the Pratt Lake trail.  Shortly before the trail that is heading mostly West starts to head up North, ski or boot up the slope until it starts to open up at 4100' .  Continue to follow the ridge until you reach the top and then ski down a bit on the west slopes and the forest will open to nice glades.   


Map and Timing data:

West Granite - Forgotten Glades Tracks

Looking up the ridge

Katie on on the Granite ridge

Dave reaching the top after skinning most of the way

Dave Lott reaching the fire lookout

Hobbit Den

View From the Hobbit Den

Coming out from the shire

Views towards Rainier from the summit

David Lott skiing the granite ridge with West Granite in the background

Upper slopes


Looking back up the whole route

Profile from Jan 24, 2009 trip

Booting up towards West Granite

Hitting the open skinning at 4100'

Ah and this is why

Duncan enjoying the fast glades

Duncan enjoying West Granite

the look of this run made duncan excited

Skinning up the glades


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