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Glacier Peak


Description:  I climb Glacier Peak in 2007 as a Mountaineers basic climb.  We had 4 days scheduled, but after reaching base camp on day 1, our impatience got the best of us and we ventured to the summit on day 2 despite being inside a ping pong ball.  As it worked out, the days before and after summit day were perfectly clear, but we weren't able to take in the summit views.  It made for a really fun climb which added to the alpine feel.  I shall go back.  I also recall the last few hundred feet on the volcanic pumice field required levitation powers to avoid going 3 steps back for every step you take.  But after a full on mental battle with the pumice, we did all reach the summit.  This is one of the more beautiful areas I've been to anywhere and we saw almost no sign of other humans the whole trip. 



chain gang coming up the mountain
Glacier Peak is a big one

Feels like the alps up there

Duncan scrambling
A ridge to Dissapointment peak
And we got close enough to rope up
Gang on the summit
FInal stretch to camp
We woke on the third day to some beautiful weather
Thomas brought about 10 lbs of pancake batter
and it was delicious - thanks thomas
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