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Whistler Backcountry and Fissile 


If venturing into the Whistler Backcountry there are a few things to know.  Most backcountry is accessed from the Harmony or Symphony chairs. You need to skin over Flute and then head back toward Oboe to find some good skiing. There is some low angle and treed skiing in this area for higher avy days.  Outside of that the main objective is Fissile with a few other objectives beyond that.  Fissile has 2 main lines: the NW Face, and the Banana Chutes.  The NW face is a bit steeper. I did both of these on the last day of 2015 and found the NW face to be more wind affected pow and the Banana chutes to be excellent sheltered pow with a more unique line.  So I favor the Banana chutes.  The exit is either back through the resort, which I recommend, or to follow the singing pass trail, which is a long traversing trail that goes all the way to the base of the mountain ( this saves you a climb or two).  You could also approach the singing pass trail if not wanting to ride lifts. 

Another Zone is the Keiber's zone which is the backside of the Whistler Peak. From here you can easily get lost, cliffed out, and you do end up at function junction - so make sure your prepared before dropping in. 


Marcy dropping into the Banana Chutes of Fissile

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