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Fairy Shreddows ( Meadows)


Description: Soo good!! Lottery system to get into the Bill Putnam hut so plan early.  




Treeline: The truly advenerous might find good treed skiing on the far north past the two zones I'll describe, but the the two zones offer weeks worth of pleasure. 


Zone 1: When looking left from the cabin towards the trees you will find some nice lines that maneuver through the woods or hit the entry level spines that can be seen from the cabin. From the cabin you can either skin the practice slopes to reach the top, or ski down below the practice slopes and tree lines.  You'll first stop at the Hollywood bowl which ha excellent lines for the truly rad and the wanna be rads ( like myself)  The obvious chute in the middle can be skied straight up, or try your hand ad the 7 step pillow line that its not for the faint of heart.  Anyway, go explore. Just beyond the hollywood bowl is the typical uptrack, but also a really nice treed area with good skiing and some steep pillows mixed in. 


Zone 2: Beyond that are some open slopes and then the outpost trees. Exploring the outpost trees will provide entertainment for days.  There are super fun spine lines, some drops, and just some good steep pow runs. 



In my two trips I've only had the pleasure of venturing into the alpine once, in part because of avy danger, but also because of overcast weather and the fact that the trees are so fun.  But the alpine can provide endless opportunity if the weather coorperates. I've only been able to explore Sentinel and because it was one of the lowest snow years on record, Pioneer pass and other entry points to a larger loop weren't in. 


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