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Mountain Biking the Elkhorn Mountains and Anthony Lakes:

If you're looking for remote wilderness with Some big backcountry rides, the Elkhorns are definitely work the journey.  We could find little information about the Elkhorns aside from a few trails on trailforks, but decided to stop over on our way home from Idaho.  We settled on a loops up the road of Dutchman Flats.  Almost as soon as we reached the anothony lakes it started to rain. We got beta from a local and checked out their newly built trail on the ski hill.  It was a  1000' lap and good mix of flow and features, but was so new that the sandy soft ground made it difficult to get in a rhythm.  Soaked and chilled from the rain and 4000' of ascent, our next lucky break was the ski hills little pizza joint had just opened - but we quickly realized we hadn't brought any money or cards with it.  Not wanting to give up, Marcy tried to recite her credit card number from memory and voila, it went through - A pizza and beer later, some lifting of the clouds and we were back on our way.  What struck me was just how friendly everyone we encountered were.  We got great info on how to access dutch flat from the top of the ski area and set out.  We we're engulfed by clouds the whole day, but could tell from our drive in that we were missing some amazing scenery.  This is definitely an area to come back to and would be great to explore with our little one. 

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