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Description: Eldorado is a classic ski mountaineering objective typically skied from April to June.  Access depends on when snow melts off the road. If you enjoy unskiable terrain and packing your skis for mile long boulder fields, do it late in the season, otherwise its best done before the boulder field melts to make the travel on both ends much easier.  It can be done as a very reasonable long day, but you won't be disappointed if you choose to camp and enjoy the sunset and sunrise.  


Route: head back down the road 50 yards are so from the parking lot and cross an obvious fallen tree.  From here it can be slightly confusing to find the main trail, especially on the way back, but once you do its an obvious climbers trail that takes you to the boulder field.  Cross the boulderfield.  If snowless there is a faint trail on the right side of the boulder field.  At the terminus the slope steepens around some waterfalls so head up and left 'til you can angle back right and reach the upper meadow.  This is a fantastic camping spot when snow covered, but illegal otherwise.  Head up the meadow and over the ridge to the Eldorado Glacier.  Take care  for moats when transfering between the rock and snow.   Follow the mellow right side of the eldorador glacier while avoiding potential ice/ rockfall from above until you reach the upper eldorado glacier.  Follow this to the obvious saddle on the inspiration glacier.  Then head up the east ridge of eldorado towards the knife-ridge.  Skiing off the knife-ridge is not to be missed, but be cautious of the exposure on the first few turns. This route tends to avoid most crevasses but you may but up against some on the inspiration glacier so glacier travel experience is important. 




Bridge crossing in snowy conditions

Boulder Field, Best if timed when field is mostly covered in snow

Mazama 10

Boulder field in snowy January conditions

Navigating the steep section between the boulder field and upper meadow

Basin above the Boulder field, excellent camping spot when snow filled

Mazama 31

Basin above the boulder field

View up the Eldorado glacier, hang to the right

Skinning across upper Eldorado Glacier

Mazama 51

Booting the East Ridge in firm and Blustery conditions

The knife ridge. Leave the skis here, or ski off the left

Skiing down the Inspiration Glacier

Looking back up the inspiration glacier to the summit

Mazama 68

Skiing the Eldorado Glacier

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