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Cutthroat Peak - South Buttress

Description:  Cutthroat Peak is on the north side of Highway 20 just west of the Blue Lake trailhead.  Navigating to and across the creek to find the climbers trail is a bit annoying, but perseverance will win out. I can't recall how the route pitches out, but its mostly mid 5th class climbing until the infamous tarzan leap.  I went for full value by doing my best Tarzan impression across the leap on lead, but some more intelligently minded folks used finesse and climbing skill to delicately climb across it.  The summit block has a nice 5.8 hand crack for about 15' but I recall the moves getting to the crack to be unprotectable and awkward, but I did this climb 7.8.09, which was 7 years ago, so... 




Ed getting to the tarzan leap

Ed getting to the tarzan leap

Eric, leaping on the Tarzan Jump

Ed, finessing the Tarzan step across

Eric topping out the handcrack

the wild summit party


Downclimbing the summit block

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