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Crater Lake




Crater Lake is more of a bucket list ski than a destination ski.  I was first visited Crater Lake in August 2011 during a century ride.  Since then I've always wanted to return with my skis.  In June 2016 I left for a road trip to Yosemite.  On the way down Marcy and I decided to detour through Crater Lake with the hopes of getting in a trail run - It didn't dawn on us until we entered the park that the trails were likely covered with snow.  Lucky for us, we happen to have the skis in the car in hopes of hitting a volcano on the drive back to Seattle - so we grab our skis and did a few laps on Hillman Peak.  In general there are a few small peaks that can be accessed from the crater rim trail and the slopes have some amazing views of the lake.  We had the opportunity to pose for some tourists as well, and saw many stop along the way to watch, as watching us appeared to be the highlight of their trip to the park. 





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