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Tiger Mountain

Description:  I got my first mountain bike in 2005 after graduating from college while living in Huntsville Alabama.  It didn't take but 9 months for me to leave that job and move back to Seattle where my parents had moved to after my freshmen year.  in 2006 Tiger Mountain quickly became my home - the loop down preston and NW timber was wild fun. At the time my first goal was to complete the road climb without walking -  this took about a summer and was a wild accomplishment.  Looking back on that it feels like a different life,  since 2013 the DNR and Tiger Mountain have put in some of the best mountain bike descent trails in the country ranging from fun flowy single track to a challenging steep DH course and there is still more to come. 

While there are many great options to mix up the trail my current tiger epic involved climbing the Masterlink to the summit,  descending the East Summit trail to Preston.  Climbing back up to the summit on the road and descending Off the Grid, then climbing the road back up and descending predator.   


NW Timber - a rolling XC two way xc trail usually used to return from other descending trails. 

Preston - One of the original descent trails,  mostly long straights with the occasional sharp switch back.  I tend to keep this for night riding. There is a Preston Bail-Out rout that has some narrower and more technical riding to help minimize the climb back up the road to Fully Rigid

East Summit Trail - this is probably the best trail on the mountain for every skill level to enjoy - it has great flow, lots of pumping and plenty of opportunity to get the wheels off the ground.  

Off the Grid: another excellent addition in 2014 that links some technical riding with great flow. Try and charge it and you'll legs will be burning by the end. 

Fully Ridge & Joyride: These are typically ridden together as an extension to Off the Grid and mix some technical XC style riding with narrow cornering.

Silent Swamp: A trail that I think rides well from the the Joyride/ fully ridge intersection in the downward direction, but is is a grunt of a climb the other way.

Predator: A classic DH track that is steep and contains loads of trail features and some man made flow. the Lower portion can be done on its own from climbing the road and is less technical than the upper but still has some great features to play on. 

Master Link and Quick Link: The main climbing trails - They are much more pleasant than the road and take about the same about of time - climb to summit is about 1700'

Iverson: A trail from the upper lot that isn't frequented as much, but makes for a nice quick addition to add some mileage

Easy Tiger and The Legend: These two trails make up a loop from NW timber with easy tiger being a mellow 2 way trail and the legend being a short fun descending only trail.

May have brought the wrong toys to tiger today #snowbiking #mtb #liger #pow
Fun catching up and playing in the mud with longtime friend _darby0110  #mtbike #cycling #liger
Tuesday night lights!  Another epic night trail riding at Tiger with a fun crew! #mtb #biking #night
New season, new toys _jbom19 making a technical section look easy with his new ride - not bad for a
I was going to work out, but then I found the Salmonberries
_jbom19 laying some sweet tracks in the brownpow #brownpow
_adam_hitch doing some levitation on the Pre-work ride #mtb #brownpow
Been a great summer biking in several different countries - but there's nothing like being home at T
brown pow dreaming #humpdayrides
Great start to the Labor Day weekend #tigermountain #biking #mtbiking #trek #mtb #brownpow #cycling
Humpday!! #tigermountain #mtrainier #mtb #cycling #santacruz #humpday
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