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Stanley Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountains

Description:  Our honeymoon was on fire! no literally, BC was burning and we had to escape. Looking at the radar, the air quality around in and around Stanley was favorable. So we made the 12 hour trek from Nelson BC to Stanley. We had heard great things, but really didn't have much beta. We even asked at the local outdoor store and they weren't able to offer much, so we use trailforks to try and find what we were looking for.   The trails we did that we both really recommend are:

Big Casino Loop -   Little Casino to Sunny Gulch to Big Casino. This was a challenging 20 mile 5000' ride with some really fun, albeit chunky at times descending. 

Fisher to Williams Creek - We did this as a quick evening lap. The gravel road climb maintains a very steady grade so its a fairly quick ascent, and then the ride is smooth sometime loose singletrack. Doing it at dusk made for some amazing lighting. Even though its 17 miles, it was only around a 2 hour ride since its mellow on both the ups and downs with nothing technical of note.

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Rock Roll Casino Loop
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