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Mount St. Helens

Description:  Mount St. Helens is a classic ski trip for any period of high pressure in the winter or spring.  In 2007 it was my first ever backcountry ski trip when I hoofed my snowboard to the summit and boarded down with Mountaineering boots.  Since I've been back numerous times, especially when I lived in PDX for two winters.  In general the Avalanche danger is low aside from a few slopes and you can get access to the lot all year since its plowed for the snow mobilers.  I've always done some variation of the worm flows.  The Crater rim is spectacle for sure. 

In 2014 Chris Simons and I attempted the first ever Tandem Ski Descent and were turned around by weather, but in 2016 we went back and completed the feat with a crowd of 500 onlookers. - They do now limit the number of people who can climb on any given day and in the spring it sells out fast. 

Chloe making turns on the top
Chad Reaching the top

First Trip, Summiting with my pops and sister

Helens March2013 38
Helens March2013 22
Helens March2013 41
Helens Feb 2013 16
Helens Feb 2013 4
Helens Feb 2013 1
Helens Jan 14 3
Helens Jan 14 11
Helens Jan 14 2
Helens Jan 14 25
Helens Jan 14 6
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