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Snowfield Peak


Description:  Snowfield Peak is a beautiful peak nestled in the Northcascades.   It sits behind Colonial which looms over the highway 20 as you head westbound.   I led a climb of this for the mountaineering in late August 2010.  The ascent to camp is a steep climbers trail climbing over 4000' in just a few miles.  We camped at the near end of a beautiful alpine lake, which seperates Paul Bunyons stump from Colonial.  From camp the approach ascends the slopes clockwise around the lake and then up the Colonial glacier to a saddle.  From here you descend sharply to the Neve glacier and then start the ascent up.  At this point your aiming for the the right skyline of the peak to scramble to the summit with some class 4 moves towards the top 100'. The climb is a standard glacier and depending ont he time of year, the glacier can be a fun navigational challenge.  



steep scrambling on the trail

Upper slopes enroute to camp

Towering over Ross Lake



Alpine Start

Reaching the first pass

Gnarled Glacier

Ascending to the right skyline where the scrambling begins

Top few hundred feet reach class 4 scrambling

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