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North Twin Sister


Description:  As one of my first leads as a newly appointed mountaineers climb leader I went with a great group up the North Twin Sister.  This is a good early season climb since you start at a relatively low altitud and can reach the trailhead, but the descent route is snow filled making for a quick descent.  The only real downfall is the miles of road slogging to get to the meat of the climb.  The ridge provided hours of fun and enjoyable thirds and 4th class scramble with a 5th class move thrown in from time to time.  There is beta on how to navigate the approach, but in general you are angling for the right skyline ridge and will ascend mostly on the climbers right side of it the whole way up, though many options do exist.  We mostly kept the ropes tucked away, but did setup some handlines on more challenging section for those with less experience.  We got the full alpine experience with clouds circling around us all day, before completely engulfing us on the summit and then dissapating as we descended.  Our main challenge ended up being the descent from the summit because of the white out conditions.  Bikes can be used to help with the approach and descent as well and any cross bike would be adequest on the roads - though you may find you are pushing much of the way with climbing packs on. 


First glimpse of the North twin sister and our descent route

Miles of road sloggin

Getting close to the ridge

Oblisk straight ahead with false summit way in the distance

Venturing climbers right of the true ridge towards the top to find the path of least resistance

Sahar scrambling the ridge from the false summit


the dizzying effect of descending snow in a white out

This is the entrance to the final logging road

And blue skies again on the way out

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