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Skiing Chamonix

Description: Chamonix is known for being the premier extreme ski destination in the world. It has quick access to steep and rowdy lines via trams and trains.  Much of the skiing involves rope work to traverse glaciers and rappel into routes, but there is something for everything. Two of the more popular areas to tour are off the Flegere lift and off the top of the Auguille Du Midi.  Many of the routes can cross over a valley or two and end in another town in which busses or trains being you back.  There are others, so I'll have to go back to update.

I did a couple fun tours off the Valley Blanche in the area of the Auguille du Midi and then another one off Flagere where we skinned up and than dropped the backside into Vallorcine. The Valley Blanche is the main run that goes from the Augille du Midi all the way to town in early season, but ends at the Montenvers Train once the snow melts,  there are lots of variations to this to add steeper skiing. The snow wasn't great during our trip, but it was amazing to get out into such dramatic mountains. 


Auguille Du Midi
Climbing from Flagere
Rapping the backside toward Trient
1 80
1 144
1 66

Skinning up from the Valley Blanche

1 5
1 73

Auguille Du Midi

1 6

Touring toward Valley Blanche

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