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Campbell Icefield Chalet


Description: Campbell Icefield Chalet is nestled in the Canadian Rockies located just Southwest ot the Jasper National park. The lodge is a short flight in from Donald and is well equipped. It has electricity from a micro-hydro station and running water. 



Terrain:  I found the terrain here to be a bit limiting.  Most of the tours that the lodge highlights are generally long and very moderate glacier runs. Most of the terrain is also south facing, so when we arrived in March during a warming trend it took creativity and work to find the north facing stashes - but we did.  The tree skiing is all below the hut and is also fairly limited in its pitch and length. Unbenownst to us, the owner of the lodge has deemed some terrain as permanently closed. While they can't stop you from skiing it, you may not be invited back.  There are some very rowdy pillow sections further down the main drainage, though unfortunately given their low alitude they weren't in great shape for us.  The main Alpine zones are right above the cabin between " Paradise and Dome". The Campbell Icefield, which involves a pretty long approach to find good slopes and then the Mt. Alan Campbell area. We did the East Peak circumnav and had an excellent 3000' north facing run. 




Warning: Many of the tracks cross the red zones so use the GPS routes at your own risk


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