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Black Peak


Access: Black Peak is located at Rainy Pass in the Washington Pass corridar. Because of seasonal closure it doesn't become excessible (for non snowmobilers, or heli-pilots) 'til WSDOT is able to clear the road, which is slated for May 1 every year  + or - 2 weeks depending on the snowpack. 


Route Description:The route starts from Rainy Pass and follows the Maple Pass trail past Lake Anne and then heads NW up to a gradual saddle.  From the saddle you can see the peak in the distance.  From here you have a short traversing downhill while you pass some big cliffs that will be on your left.  Try and go as far as possible as you have cliffs above and below you. Transition from here back to skis and start a mellow climb to Wing Lake.  Above Wing Lake the slope steepens as you reach another saddle that has great views of Goode and deep into the North Cascades.   From here you ascend steeply up some rock or snow fingers to a false summit, from which you can choose to do some 3rd to 4th class scrambling to a false summit and a short but exposed snow traverse to another 3rd to 4th class scramble to the true summit.   Follow your tracks for the descent or ski the long 2000' + SW slopes to the the drainage and then climb out east from that drainage - description is highlighted in Washington Backcountry Ski and Snowboards Route book.   adds significant climbing to an already 5300' day.  Its a bit difficult to find a good way out from Lake Ann, but a ENE bearing will get you back or to the HWY 20 south of the cars. 


Route is highly recommended to be done in hot pants. 



Crossing Lake Ann

Crossing Lake Ann

Reaching Wing Lake for a nice hot pants stretch


Shoulder scramble heading towards the summit fingers


Cramponing up the first summit finger


Downclimbing the 1st rock step from the summit

Charlie's Angel's Summit Bullride

Skiing off the summit

Skiing off the summit

Bowl back to Winglake

Returning, with the long view back to the route and summit

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