Mt. Deception - Olympic Peninsula


Route Description: Mt. Deception is the second tallest peak in the Olympics range - so an obvious destination.  However, much like most objectives in the Olympics, it is remote. From the TH its an 8 mile hike to the basin.  From here you pass a lake and then ascend a few small bowls before the upper basin, which is where we setup camp.  This was part of our yearly bro's trip, which is always highlighted by an epically long approach to an inversely small descent.  From camp, its about a 1500' climb up the route to the summit, the couloir was scarred by a large trench that spanned most of the pinch point.  The snow didn't get into a freeze thaw cycle, so the skiing can only be defined as sloppy.  It is a beautiful area with some fun basins, but expect to hoof it for a while. 



Stories by Scott Heinz ( Medical Moose Labs)

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